Robust, four-pinion, ridged case design means the new Auburn differential is engineered to take everything high-performance Gen 5 Camaros can dish out.

AUBURN, Ind., July 30, 2013—Auburn Gear, LLC., a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of high-performance differentials, announced that it will present its new performance-enhancing Camaro Generation 5 V8 limited-slip differential at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The rugged, cone-style, high-torque-bias differential will be on display for the first time in Auburn Gear’s booth 22621 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Auburn’s four-pinion gear design is engineered to exceed the capability of the Chevrolet Camaro’s two-pinion OE stock differential, making the Auburn diff. the right choice for those who want to upgrade their drive train. The new Auburn differential harnesses the separation forces that occur within the differential gears as torque increases. Separation forces increase the torque capacity of the clutch, providing bias torque to the high-traction wheel. The new diff. boasts an impressive bias ratio, capable of delivering tire-smoking torque to the tractive wheel.

“With Auburn’s four-pinion gear design and ridged case, drivers can feel confident that this diff. will fully utilize their Camaro’s axle capacity,” Jamie Forrest, senior product engineer for Auburn Gear, said. “Our new differential is designed to accommodate all Gen 5 V8 218-millimeter Camaros, including high-performance vehicles with engine outputs exceeding 600 horsepower.”

Dynamic forces caused by more powerful engines and competitive environments can cause less robust differentials to fail under pressure. Auburn’s new Camaro Gen 5 differential utilizes aircraft quality, 9310 heat-treated billet steel, endowing it with unparalleled strength and endurance characteristics.

The new differential is backed by an industry-leading one-year warranty and Auburn’s exclusive Differential Replacement Exchange (D-REX) Program. Under the terms of the D-REX Program, Auburn will replace any differential within the first four years after purchase, regardless of circumstances. The replacement differential is one-third of the original cost, or the equivalent of the price of a competitor’s clutch pack. The replacement differential comes fully assembled, tested, certified and ready for installation. No rebuilding is required and thus no mixing of old or worn parts with new parts is necessary.

“It’s widely known that some differentials have simply not been up to the task and have proven themselves to be the weakest link in the Camaro Gen 5’s drive train,” Forrest said. “Automotive enthusiasts who understand vehicle performance know that it’s about component balance and equilibrium and our new differential is well-suited to take on the challenge of competitive driving and to perform without fail.”

Auburn Gear engineers and manufactures a wide range of performance-enhancing and high-performance aftermarket differentials and is proud of its reputation for being exclusively American Made. Auburn Gear makes all of its products in the town of Auburn, Ind., located in the nation’s heartland. A complete product catalog can be accessed on the Auburn Gear website.

Auburn’s new Camaro Gen 5 differential, model number 5420138, is expected to begin shipping on or about Dec. 15, 2013. The new differential can be used to replace the OE product designation 92230401 for the Chevrolet Camaro Generation 5. Auburn Gear’s new differential supports 3.27, 3.45, and 3.73 gear ratios. Product information is now available and can be obtained by contacting Auburn Gear or members of its extensive North American and worldwide distributor network. A distributor locator is available at:

Questions regarding Auburn Gear’s new Camaro Gen 5 differential may be directed to Justin R. Smith at (260) 920-1359 or

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Auburn Gear, LLC. was organized in 1982 and has decades of gear manufacturing experience. The company serves international builders of vehicles and machinery for the automotive, truck, bus, aerial lift, agriculture, light and heavy construction, mining, forestry and marine industries. Capabilities include full line design, development, testing and manufacturing of a wide range of geared products. Facilities include development, gauge, gear and metallurgical laboratories. Production process capacities include turning, gear cutting, spline rolling, heat treat, shot peening and finished grinding.

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