Company brings mantra of quality, reliability and durability to bear in new line for niche markets

AUBURN, Ind.  [December 10, 2015] – Auburn Gear has announced a new line of Performance Ring and Pinions and paired Master Install Kits for niche market vehicles, combining the immense quality of the new line with all the necessary parts to complete the install process—bringing together the complete performance package for demanding enthusiasts at a surprising value.

The new line of Performance Ring and Pinions continues Auburn Gear’s dedication to quality in its products, with each part made of heat treated 8620 steel alloy, quench pressed, dry cut and lap matched—all to ensure a product of the utmost quality and consistency.  In total the line, and corresponding master install kits, covers 17 applications, with some front and rear as well, for new and late model vehicles.

“Everything we make at Auburn Gear comes with a level of pride and confidence,” said Justin Smith, Auburn Gear’s National Sales and Product Manager for Aftermarket Products. “Throughout the process we stress three key things—quality, reliability and durability.  We’re seeing a huge surge in popularity in the niche market vehicles, with owners who demand performance and care about the parts in their cars, trucks and SUVs.   In our product they’ll find a ring and pinion that not only lives up to their demands but remains quiet, street able and has the durability to give them confidence as well.”

In order to maintain that quality, as well as ease the install process for customers, Auburn Gear is launching corresponding master install kits for each product.  The kits each come with matched ring gear bolts, differential bearings, silicone sealant, pinion bearings, crush collar, brush, pinion shims, differential shims, gear marking compound, pinion seal, pinion nut, and thread adhesive. 

“We wanted to make the install process as easy as possible,” continued Smith.  “At the same time, Auburn Gear wanted to make sure that each item used in the install process and matched with our ring and pinions was of the necessary quality, while maximizing our customer’s value and performance results.”

Each Performance Ring and Pinion comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and, depending on the specific product, will have an MSRP price ranging from $170 to $270.  Master Install Kits will range from $99 to $300.  Auburn Gear has all inventory in stock and anticipates a 24-48 hour turn upon receipt of order.

“We’re excited to launch this initiative in full,” said Smith.  “The Performance Ring and Pinions by Auburn Gear will give demanding, performance minded drivers a quality product at a very competitive price.  Between the ring and pinion itself and the Master Install Kit, our customers can remain confident that they have a one-stop solution that will deliver where it counts.  We’re already planning on expanding the applications and product line in the future; we are excited to see the market’s reaction.”   

The new line of Performance Ring and Pinions by Auburn Gear, each with their own Master Install Kit available:

  • Chrysler 9.25”
  • DANA 44
  • DANA 60
  • DANA 80
  • GM 7 ½” and 7 5/8”
  • GM 8.5” 10 Bolt Front and Rear/ GM 8.6 10 Bolt Rear Style
  • Ford 8.8”
  • Ford 9”
  • DANA 30

* Special applications available upon request with competitive lead times. 

* All Performance Ring and Pinions by Auburn Gear come with a one-year manufacturers warranty

Auburn Gear makes all of its products in the town of Auburn, Ind., located in

the nation’s heartland. A complete product catalog can be accessed on the Auburn Gear website:

Product information is now available and can be obtained by contacting Auburn Gear or members of its extensive North American and worldwide distributor network. A distributor locator is available at:

Questions regarding Auburn Gear’s Performance Ring and Pinon line and corresponding Master Install Kits may be directed to Justin R. Smith at (260) 920-1359 or

About Auburn Gear:

Auburn Gear, LLC. has decades of gear manufacturing experience. The company serves international builders of vehicles and machinery for the automotive, truck, bus, aerial lift, agriculture, light and heavy construction, mining, forestry and marine industries. Capabilities include full line design, development, testing and manufacturing of a wide range of geared products. Facilities include development, gauge, gear and metallurgical laboratories. Production process capacities include turning, gear cutting, spline rolling, heat treat, shot peening and finished grinding.