Loyal customer for life!

Fri, Mar 21, 2014 18:45:33 pm America/Los_Angeles

Thanks for the pro series replacement diff Nancy I installed it this week and it just walked my boat out of the water like a champ this morning! You guys truly have a great program and thanks again, you have a loyal customer for life!

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Please Don't Ever Change!

Mon, Jan 13, 2014 20:16:18 pm America/Los_Angeles

Dec. 10, 2013

The reason I prefer Auburn Gear is not only because they are the best in rear differentials but your customer service is out of this world with the D-REX program. I  recommend you to all personal friends as you offer a genuinely friendly, helpful service and product. Your level of service is superb, rare and genuine. Please don’t ever change!

Jim - GreenBay WI

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New Differential For My Truck

Mon, Jan 13, 2014 20:18:01 pm America/Los_Angeles

Nov. 25, 2013

I want to thank you for the help you offered to me in obtaining a new differential this summer for my truck. It is really great that Auburn Gear is developing a direct to consumer purchase program.

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The Differential Difference

Mon, Jan 13, 2014 20:31:32 pm America/Los_Angeles

Nov. 01, 2005
Limited slip differentials (LSDs) have taken on a variety of names. Among those names are "posi", "posi-traction", and in the Chrysler world, "Sure-Grip". Limited slip differentials are not to be confused with "lockers". A locker physically locks axles to completely prevent slippage. A LSD only limits the slip, generally using a clutch mechanism. The Auburn unit uses conical clutches which bind against the differential case to limit slippage. An open differential typically provides equal torque to both wheels. The differential case is bolted (in the case of the Chrysler 9 1/4" axle, there are 12 bolts) to the ring gear. The driveshaft turns the pinion, which, in turn, turns the ring gear and the differential case. When both wheels have traction, the differential case rotates and the differential gears within the case turn both axles along with the case.

The difference between an open differential and a limited slip differential becomes apparent when the wheels must turn at a different rate (around a curve) or when there is a significant traction difference between the two wheels. Under these circumstances, the differential case continues to rotate in both types of differentials. However, in an open differential, the axles are no longer willing to be rotated at the same rate. The gears within the differential case then begin to rotate, so that as the differential case rotates, the axles turn at different rates. In the extreme case, only one axle turns at all. The limited slip differential puts a limit on how much differential is allowed to exist between the rotation of the two axles. Around a curve, the LSD should function as an open differential, allowing differential rates of rotation. However, at some pre-set limit (the "load" of the LSD), the clutches begin to bind, and force the axles to rotate together along with the differential case.

The "load" is key. If the load is too tight, the back axle will want to break loose on a slippery curve. If it's too loose, you compromise the advantage. As the LSD wears, its operation will also be reduced. One disadvantage with an Auburn unit is that, because the clutches bind against the differential carrier, they are essentially disposable. Other types of LSDs use two clutch surfaces facing one another, such that the clutches can be replaced when worn. However, the Auburn units are well known for their durability, and will last a good long time.

In a recent project I described how I installed an Auburn LSD unit in the rear axle of my 1983 Dodge Ramcharger. I have since driven my truck over thousands of highway miles and quite a few off-road miles. I have found both the road manners as well as traction aid of the Auburn unit to be excellent. I highly recommend this product as a traction aid to a multi-purpose 4x4.

Tom Jagiella

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New Life for Old Firebird

Mon, Jan 13, 2014 20:33:20 pm America/Los_Angeles

My family bought a new 1968 firebird in the fall of 1967. It was a 350 4 speed convertible without a posi. After it went through three boys it made its way back to me and it started to tinker with it. I changed the engine and put in a 5 speed. I decided the car was just not getting off the line like it should so I asked my local Tuffy dealer what he would recommend for a posi and he recommended the Auburn posi. It is made close to home so I went with it. Received it in a couple of days and Tuffy had it in in a day (along with brakes all around). It has performed flawlessly and the car is amazingly different. Much more fun to drive! I should have done it 10 years ago. I would recommend it to anyone.


G. William Fishering

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Thanks for Making a Great Product!

Mon, Jan 13, 2014 20:38:23 pm America/Los_Angeles

Hello, My name is James Landis. I purchased an Auburn limited slip differential 20 years ago approx. I installed it into a 9" ford rear that I use in my 1969 SC/Hurst Rambler.

I just wanted to tell you guys that this part has performed flawlessly for me. It always drives both wheels in extreme conditions and never pops or makes noise in corners in regular driving. I have literally beat the heck out of this car on the street and at the track with slicks on my Scrambler.

Then in 2012 I installed the center section with this differential into my Sportsman Dirt track car and ran the Sportsman Nationals at the Springfield Mile! It performed perfectly!  I have just completed a new dirt car (AMC Javelin) for nostalgia racing. I intend to run the differential in this car also.

I appreciated the offer for a few bottles of additive, as I do  not have any. I would also greatly appreciate a couple 2xl t shirts if available to wear as crew shirts. If you have plenty a couple xl for my helpers would be great also. Thanks very much. Pictures of the cars attached.

The Scrambler, the mile dirt car, the unpainted Javelin dirt car will be painted over Christmas, the Green Spirit is another drag car of mine, and the r/w/b Gremlin is yet another drag car I will be competing with in Nostalgia Pro Stock. If you would be willing to do a sponsorship deal I am very interested! I will get you exposure and I have an truthful positive message to relay about your product!

Thanks for making a great product! 

James Landis

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