Horse Sense:

Digging around Auburn Gear's literature, it's clear the ECTED differential is aimed at OEM applications. Imagine the traction tricks you could pull with a computer calling the shots on limited-slip engagement. From nearly fully open to fully locked up and anywhere in between, ECTED technology could soon show up on Ford showroom floors.

Well into the electronic revolution as we are, you'd think all the mechanical questions had been answered. But judging from the seemingly endless yet not-quite-perfect attempts at developing the ultimate differential, we have to say it isn't so. From the hopelessly traction-limited but cheap-and-easy-to-live-with open differential to the amazingly complex and expensive teams of gears such as the Torsen, the quest continues for a differential that is quiet and accommodating on the street yet tough as nails and with cat-on-a-carpet traction at the track.

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