Horsepower Therapy began as a hobby and passion but has grown into something more than a desire to build powerful, sleek vehicles. Over the last two years, Horsepower Therapy President and Founder, Brian Russell, has transformed his company into a compassionate and invigorating non-profit for veterans. After reading numerous heartbreaking studies about US veteran suicide, and as a veteran himself, Brian felt that the excitement, joy, and camaraderie of Horsepower Therapy could make a difference for his brothers-in-arms and their families. Brian says that he “truly feel[s] that Horsepower therapy can help our fellow veterans through activities that revolve around horsepower and all the comfort, enjoyment, and healing it can bring.” 


Horsepower Therapy at Thunder on the Mountain 2018

The Horsepower Therapy Goal:

To support, empower, and enrich the lives of America’s veterans, combat-wounded veterans and their family members, to heal from their wounds; both visible and hidden.

Brian, Greg Coker (Co-Founder and Vice President of Horsepower Therapy), and their team of volunteers strive to provide opportunities for US veterans and families to experience the fun and fellowship of Horsepower Therapy as well as encourage the bond shared by all veterans during races, track events, car shows, and industry events by sponsoring their participation.

Horsepower Therapy Jeep at Battle Creek Speedfest 2018 

This year, you can see the Horsepower Therapy Jeep sponsored by Auburn Gear—featuring Auburn 44 Ring and Pinions (Part Numbers 342045 & 342046 RS)—at the Auburn Gear 2018 SEMA booth #23527 in Las Vegas from October 30-November 2.

Horsepower Therapy Jeep at Auburn Gear SEMA 2016 booth