Hello, My name is James Landis. I purchased an Auburn limited slip differential 20 years ago approx. I installed it into a 9" ford rear that I use in my 1969 SC/Hurst Rambler.

I just wanted to tell you guys that this part has performed flawlessly for me. It always drives both wheels in extreme conditions and never pops or makes noise in corners in regular driving. I have literally beat the heck out of this car on the street and at the track with slicks on my Scrambler.

Then in 2012 I installed the center section with this differential into my Sportsman Dirt track car and ran the Sportsman Nationals at the Springfield Mile! It performed perfectly!  I have just completed a new dirt car (AMC Javelin) for nostalgia racing. I intend to run the differential in this car also.

I appreciated the offer for a few bottles of additive, as I do  not have any. I would also greatly appreciate a couple 2xl t shirts if available to wear as crew shirts. If you have plenty a couple xl for my helpers would be great also. Thanks very much. Pictures of the cars attached.

The Scrambler, the mile dirt car, the unpainted Javelin dirt car will be painted over Christmas, the Green Spirit is another drag car of mine, and the r/w/b Gremlin is yet another drag car I will be competing with in Nostalgia Pro Stock. If you would be willing to do a sponsorship deal I am very interested! I will get you exposure and I have an truthful positive message to relay about your product!

Thanks for making a great product! 

James Landis