D-REX Program

What It Is

D-REX stands for Differential-Replacement Exchange Program. Auburn Gear's limited-slip differentials are designed and manufactured with a robust and unique cone clutch mechanism. However, due to machining and assembly processes, the differential case and side gear/cone clutch mechanism are a matched set and therefore non-rebuildable. All other components within the Auburn Gear differential are replaceable and service kits are available. In order to address the non-rebuildable components within our limited-slip differentials we offer the D-REX unit.

What We Promise

With Auburn Gear, you get a full one-year manufacturer's warranty, plus D-REX coverage for four years from date of purchase. D-REX stands for Differential-Replacement Exchange—which means Auburn Gear will replace your unit within the first four (4) years after purchase. Every part you get will be brand new. The unit comes assembled, tested, certified and ready for installation. No more rebuilding and mixing old worn parts with new parts! There is a nominal charge for the new replacement unit. The replacement unit is completely new, no rebuilt parts or case.

Qualifications for D-REX Program

To qualify, the unit must have been purchased within the last four (4) years. This can be determined either from you original dated receipt OR by the date code stamped on the differential case. Example: 018 A20 12. 018 represents the part number. A20 represents the month and day (January 20). 12 represents the year (2012).

Contact your distributor or Auburn Gear to get your Replacement Exchange Number. Do not return your unit without getting this number. Units received without the RE# will be returned to sender.

Do not return the differential with bearings and/or ring gear installed. Auburn Gear will not be held responsible for products returned with these components installed.

They will be scrapped.


D-Rex Unit Schematic