Q33. Can I repair the ECTED Max if I need to?

A33. Yes. Depending upon your needs, several types of service kits are available. The gear service kit, locking mechanism kit, starter/amateur kit and the universal wiring kit. Please review the Auburn Gear D-REX warranty as it provides the best warranty in the industry.

Q34. Can the ECTED Max be used in the front axles?

A34. ECTED Max should not be used in front axles that have an inter-axle disconnect. On manual hub applications, both hubs are to be locked or unlocked. Do not lock one side and not the other. Differential damage can occur.

Q35. Can the ECTED Max be engaged on-the-fly?

A35. Yes, at reasonable speeds. The wheel speed difference between the wheels should be below 50 RPM to prevent impact loads to the drivetrain. It is recommended that the ECTED Max not be engaged if one wheel is completely off the ground or pavement.

Q36. How is the ECTED Max activated?

A36. The ECTED Max is activated by turning on the mounted switch inside the vehicle. When off, the limited-slip function responds automatically when torque is applied.

Q37. Is a relay necessary for ECTED Max operation?

A37. The ECTED Max switch is more than capable of managing the current that the ECTED Max requires. No need for a relay.

Q38. Can I purchase the wiring harness for the ECTED Max?

A38. Yes, the wiring harness is universal to fit any vehicle, and can be purchased separately. Refer to catalog page 32 for ECTED Max service kits or visit

Q39. Is the ECTED Max and/or limited-slip streetable?

A39. All Auburn Gear differentials are very streetable. Both the ECTED Max and the limited-slip provide smooth, quiet operation. In fact, Auburn Gear differentials were used as original equipment in the first muscle cars. Plus, they are aggressive enough to be used in other performance applications. When the ECTED Max is in full-locker mode, you may experience some under or push steering