Q28. Can I install an Auburn differential myself?

A28. Auburn Gear provides detailed differential installation instructions to allow an experienced mechanic to properly install the product. See page 34. Visit for copies.

Q29. What kind of break-in is required?

A29. All Auburn Gear differentials go through a break-in cycle at the factory, so no customer break-in procedure is required.

Q30. Should I install traction differentials in front and rear?

A30. It's a matter of personal preference, money and traction requirements. A single traction differential will usually double the vehicles off-road ability. Installation of traction differentials in front and rear increases traction to the maximum. Always consider safety and your driving conditions when making your decision.

Q31. Can I install Auburn Gear ECTED Max and/or limited-slip differential in a 2-WD vehicle?

A31. Yes. Traction improvement in a 2-WD vehicle provides the same traction improvement to the rear axle as installation in a 4-WD vehicle.

Q32. Can I install an ECTED Max and/or limited-slip differential in the front and rear of a 4-WD?

A32. Yes, if the application is available. However, we do not recommend installing a unit in the front differential if the vehicle has a full-time 4-WD and is primarily used on the pavement.