Q22. What maintenance is required after an ECTED Max and/or limited-slip is installed?

A22. We recommend you change the differential oil according to your vehicle manufacturer's specifications and treat with Auburn limited-slip additive (part numer #504102).

Q23. What kind of oil should be used with an Auburn limited-slip differential/ Auburn ECTED Max differential?

A23. Non-synthetic 80w90 GL-5 oil treated with Auburn Gear friction additive, part #504102 (also known as a friction modifier). See Catalog page 32. Three (3) ounces of additive will treat one quart of oil. GM or Ford limited-slip additive may be used. We do not recommend synthetic oil. Auburn limited-slip additive is packed in every box with the differential.

Q24. Is there a way to tell if I have weak springs in my limited-slip?

A25. Auburn Gear limited-slip springs will not weaken. The springs are not subject to cyclic compression/expansion, which can cause load loss. However, the clutch capacity can be reduced due to wear or damage from misuse.

Q25. What is the life expectancy of Auburn differentials?

A26. As with all performance products, the application and driver skills dictate the life of the product. Long life can be expected with all Auburn products when operated properly. Forcing one wheel to spin with respect to the other will greatly degrade the life of the differential.