Product Information

This is why you are here.

This is what it boils down to - where the traction meets the road, track, rocks, mud and dirt.

For more than 70 years, high-performance street and off-road enthusiasts have looked to Auburn Gear for enhanced tractive capabilities beyond the OE standard in differential products.

Why Auburn gear limited-slip differentials?

Auburn Gear Pro Series and High Performance Series differentials provide superior performance through a unique cone-clutch design that transfers more power to the high-traction wheel for quick acceleration and tight cornering.

High Performance

  • Made in the USA.
  • Auburn Gear’s flagship limited-slip differential gives you smooth torque-sensing operation with the correct bias ratios to outperform the competition.
  • Provides maximum amount of torque transfer without compromising the performance requirements of a vehicle in situations where torque transfer is required.

Pro Series

  • Made in the USA.
  • Turns your torque up another notch, offering an even higher bias ratio and faster sensing reaction than HP for the very best in controlled power transfer.
  • High torque bias cone clutch design provides maximum torque transfer, making it the ultimate limited slip differential for true performance.

Race Series

  • Made in the USA
  • Performance racing limited-slip differential developed specifically for road racing. 
  • Race design features benefit drivers by giving the racer an extremely tight rear axle when cornering. 

Select-A-Loc Electronic Locking Differential

Select-A-Loc is a one-of-a-kind electronically controlled differential that allows you to go from a high-performance limited-slip traction control capability to a full-locker mode with just the flip of a switch.

Go Anywhere With the Only 2-in-1 Performance Traction Differential

It’s Limited-Slip Plus the Power of a Selectable Full-Locker!

The Select-A-Loc is a traction technology product that puts a selectable full-locker or limited-slip operational mode right at your fingertips. Shift on-the-fly with just the flip of a switch, and go from high-performance traction control to a full-locker mode that delivers 100 percent torque transfer to both wheels for extreme-duty off-roading and high performance drag racing. The Select-A-Loc enhances 2-WD mobility unlike any other performance traction differential on the market, while making 4-WD vehicles virtually unstoppable. Select-A-Loc is ideal for street-strip use. Limited-slip traction for street and fulllocker performance for the strip in one differential. Ideal for 4-WD vehicles that are used both on and off-road.

Select-A-Loc™ Advantages

  • Gearing is made from aircraft quality, 9310 heat treated billet steel to make it tough, durable and reliable.
  • Switch the locker on or off “on-the-fly,” at moderate road speeds with all 4 wheels on the ground.
  • No need for shift forks or pins that must be lined up to obtain locker mode.
  • Noisy lockers, not here. Select-A-Loc is quiet.
  • Select-A-Loc can be used in front axle applications, with or without lockout hubs.*

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Select-A-Loc is NOT recommended for use with front axles that feature an “inter-axle disconnect.”